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My god he was an ass. He moved about five times while I was trying to get on him, he kept flipping out at nothing, he wouldn't go where I wanted him to, he kept calling to the other horses in the barn. I gave up after 20 minutes. He has never been so poorly behaved. And I don't mean to tout my own skills or anything, but I'm a pretty good rider. So it wasn't me. Ugh, annoyed :( Also, I accidentally slept way too much last night, and now falling asleep before work is going to be a nightmare. *sighs*


Sep. 27th, 2011 10:38 am
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New!Delicious you are shit. I can't even load you in my Chrome browser, and when I search tags you only give me links and not summaries? I will cut you up so much that your mother won't recognize you.
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The past two weeks were brutal

I had six tests in six days (one in every class I take). I studied so much I'm surprised my brain didn't fall out. Plus the weekend before my intense testing schedule, I picked up an extra day at work. It's like I wanted to kill myself with stress.

It's paid off, so far, though. Three As and two Bs (and one still ungraded). Luckily I have two weeks without tests before they start up again (though I do have a four page rough draft and a lab report to write in that time...). 

I rewarded myself handsomely, too. Thursday night (after my last test) I baked Knock You Naked Brownies (without the pecans because I don't like to eat nuts in things, only plain; also don't even talk to me about how long it took me to find German Chocolate Cake Mix) and then Friday was THE SUPERNATURAL PREMIERE AND IT WAS EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED YAAAAY (plus stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut).

BUT that Friday afternoon, I had to skin and stuff a mouse for my Mammalogy lab. It was really horrible, but it's something I need to know how to do. Luckily the mice were already dead when we got them because I definitely would not have been able to do it otherwise. 

I have my Mammalogy field trip in a few weeks, where we will be setting up kill traps and then stuffing whatever falls into them and I don't know how well I will handle that...but I'm pretty sure there will be drinking, so I may just spend the entire weekend drunk off my ass to get through it (also because no one I know is going on it, most everyone is going on the first field trip and I'm going on the second so I can legally drink...). I'll probably get too drunk and end up hitting on my lab teacher who is really pretty and smart and pretty  and smart. (And nice, and a vegan, and we actually have a pretty good rapport because I've helped her clean up lab a few times because I am a suck up and have nothing better to do with my time.)

Speaking of my birthday: It's only 8 days away, and I still find myself more excited for the Sims 3 Pets Expansion that's coming out two weeks after it.
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There are 87 dogs here at work tonight. The feeding list is twice as long as me. I'm taking a small break for my sanity and thought I'd update while doing so.

Mom brought my horse down on Tuesday (and my stand mixer)! [ profile] crashcart9 and I have gone out to see him every day (except today because I had to sleep before work, but she went and rode him all by herself). Mom's coming down again on Monday to bring me a laptop I just purchased (better video card!) and some other things...

I've been talking to people about grad school. I'm probably going to go for Mammalogy, but I also want to go for Evolutionary Biology :( Indecision is my middle name.
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Seriously. It's delicious. Sometimes I am so impressed by what comes out of my oven. It's so beautiful.


Aug. 17th, 2011 06:43 pm
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 "If you bring food or drink to class, bring enough for the instructor. If you chew, swallow. If you walk out in the middle of class, pretend you are sick."

This is a quote from an email I just received from my Mammalogy professor about class rules and such. If I get into Grad School down here, he will (probably) be my adviser :D :D He's awesome already. (AND HE STUDIES BATS. SO COOL.)

I am going to make this recipe either tonight or tomorrow.

Look at how delicious it is:

Mmmmm. Yes.

Also I think I'm going to marinate some Tofu in Teriyaki sauce and then bake it and it will be delicious.

School starts next Monday. I'll be going there practically straight from work. I'm so nervous omg. I REALLY hope I can continue working and going to school, but I may need to drop Modern English Grammar so that I can come home and nap in between Comparative Physiology and BioChem. BUT I DON'T WANT TO. I've wanted to take Modern English Grammar since I was a Freshman :( :( *sighs* I guess we'll see what kind of work-load is expected in the class before I make any decisions.
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 Seriously. They are the worst pests ever (and for a while my dad had mice living his house that would crawl into the heater and die - wafting the stench of burning/decaying flesh through the house via the air vents). Maybe I will make it my life's goal to eradicate them from the Earth.

First I must find out if they are a valuable part of the ecosystem...

I don't even know what their purpose is. Like flies, yes they are annoying, but maggots eat dead flesh. I'm not even sure if they are eaten by other animals (such as monkeys during grooming and such) because they are so tiny and fast.

Ugh, ignore this. I'm tired. 

(but no seriously what is the point of fleas)
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I know ~sort of~ what I want.

  • Star Trek: science communication badge over a small swathe of science blues, on my right shouldery area (like where my SPN tattoo is but on the other side) kind of like this

  • Harry Potter: the three stars on my clavicles

  • Firefly: Maybe this? Or just the Chinese characters for Serenity...

  • Doctor Who: No real idea. Perhaps this or this??

  • BattleStar Galactica: I like this a lot. Obviously I'd need it smaller...

  • Sherlock Holmes: I think just a tiny 221B...

All I really need now is...more skin :/
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I think the last...five posts on this journal were about my woeful lack of employment - but no longer!

I actually got a job about three weeks ago - I'm a night associate (on the weekends) at the PetsHotel at PetSmart. It's hard work. I'm basically a glorified janitor (I mop the floors, do the laundry, clean the dishes, etc.) but I get to play with other people's pets! (once there are other people in the building, in case I get bitten...) There are cats and dogs. Saturdays are the busiest, I'm looking forward to tonight, there should only be about 15 animals, hah.

Anyway, I now get to tell wacky work stories! Like this morning. There was this American Bulldog named Yetti and she did NOT like me. Every time I would go near her kennel or she could see/hear me she would bark. But I needed to take her on her walk. So I go to open her door even though she's kind of growling and giving me this evil stare and then she started barking this huge, loud, alarm bark and I swear I almost pissed myself. I'm not afraid of dogs. I never have been. But if this is the kind of dog I had been exposed to in my formative years? Let's just say I would not want to be a vet. So I get the door open, and I timidly place the slip-lead over her neck. She sort of walks out of her kennel and then just stops and starts growling at me. At this point, I'm sure that one of my legs is about to be mauled or something, but she just growls and bares her teeth and jets backward into her kennel. I thought about getting the leash off of her, but I didn't want my hand that near her mouth so I just left it (it's a tension based thing, you let it go and it falls apart, basically). I let out some of the other dogs, and I think she got it. I'm pretty sure she thought I was going to lead her to her death or something. So I tried to let her out again, and this time she was friendly and let me pet her and stuff and was cute. Yeah. But fifteen minutes earlier I was sure she was going to eat me.

I go in again tonight at nine, then I'm leaving for mom's tomorrow morning once I get off work, so I can go see the Harry Potter premiere with [ profile] crashcart9  (and her siblings, and our gay friend, and my gay ex and their boyfriends and just about every friend that gay-ex has in the

So yes, an update. I have money! It's nice :D I'm not constantly worried anymore, it's a lovely feeling.

Fuck. Me.

Jun. 29th, 2011 10:39 am
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 So I live in a city where it rains all the time, right? I let the dog out this morning, and while I was watching him point at the neighbor's cat, I noticed that one of my chairs had...lost a leg. And the ground beneath it looked like it had opened up. I admit that I panicked a little, because I thought a giant sinkhole had opened up and was going to swallow my house (I have an overactive imagination, okay?) so I kind of ran outside and...yeah. A giant sinkhole had opened up and just might swallow my house. Okay, no, I'm speaking in hyperbole. The grate/cover/mat/thing above my sump pit (where you put the sump pump, for those not ~in the know~) decided it wanted to fall into the sump pit. Now there is a square hole in my back yard that opens up into an unknowably deep hole. (I'm sure it's knowable, I just don't feel like putting my hand in there quite yet. There could be monsters.)

Here, have a picture:

Now I have the area covered with a board (the same board I used to cover up the window that blew out in my garage last summer...) so that the neighbor's cat/my dog don't fall into the unknowably deep hole. My stepdad said he'd try and come fix it while he's home on leave, so at least I probably won't have to pay a shitton of money to do whatever with it, but still. 

The lesson, here, children? Do not buy an old house. Just don't. 


Jun. 29th, 2011 06:06 am
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I keep cleaning right when I get tired. The dishes did not need to be done at 2 in the morning. Nor did the kitty litter just need to be cleaned. Maybe someday I'll get to bed...

Job stuff

Jun. 9th, 2011 07:22 pm
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 So yesterday, right as I was about to leave the house to go have lunch with Roommate's family, Best Buy called me and told me they were going to have a job fair today from 11-5 and that I was guaranteed an interview. (Last week I drove around my town for three hours searching for places hiring, and inquiring at businesses and stuff, I asked Best Buy if they were and was told to apply online. I'm so glad I applied on Monday!)

I went to the job fair at noon. There were about six other people waiting, but they called my name right away. I interviewed for ten minutes (they asked questions and wrote down my answers) but I wasn't sure how I did. I can be very charming, I know that, but it still doesn't mean I give the right answers XD 

The guy who interviewed me told me they would be calling for second interviews today and tomorrow and that if I hadn't heard back by tomorrow evening they'd "decided to go with someone else."

But! This afternoon at 4:30 a woman called and told me she would interview me tomorrow!!

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 on Tumblr that my friend made about Wincest. If you want to see it, you can go here :D

So tired

May. 19th, 2011 09:25 pm
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 It's ridiculous that I sleep less on vacations (or weekends) than I do when I go to school. It doesn't make any sense. I didn't fall asleep until around noon today, and then I woke up at 4. Plus a bunch of random, five minute intervals of being awake. I know that if I go to sleep right now I'll just wake up in two hours and that won't be enough. I'm going to eventually die from sleep deprivation, I'm sure.
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 Macy's just sent me an email telling me that they didn't have "an appropriate position that matches [my] experience and skill set."

I knew that? You already told me in the interview...but thanks for telling me again.

My job search is fruitless and painful.
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People talking to me on LiveJournal = me posting more on LiveJournal.

People talking to me on Tumblr = me posting/talking to people more on Tumblr.

People talking to me on Facebook = me...not posting more on Facebook. I'M SORRY I JUST DON'T LIKE MY "FRIENDS" ON THERE VERY MUCH...
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The first interview I've gotten in the months-long search for a job. ANY JOB.

I arrived ~15 minutes early (as is my wont). I only sat in the office for about five minutes, then was brought back for my interview. I answered about eight questions (really well, I thought) while the interviewer wrote down my answers. Then I was told that the position was already filled.

Um...thanks? You couldn't have told me before I got there? Or even after you filled it so I wouldn't have been PANICKING the whole day? That's really nice, guys. Thanks.

So I'm still jobless and desperately poor. It's all good. I don't really need to eat anyway.
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...books I've accumulated over the last three years [Cross-Posted from Tumblr]

One thing everyone needs to realize about college is that it is a LIFE EATER. I have not had time to sit down and read for THREE YEARS. THREE WHOLE YEARS. I used to read three books a week.

I never realized how much I missed it. Instead of reading fanfiction, where I know the characters and know that I should care about them, and they are just being shuffled from plot to plot to plot, I have new characters to learn about, and make decisions about and it's so damn amazing that I kind of want to cry and then beat myself to death for letting go of this.

For a long, long time books were all that kept me going. When I was sad I'd immerse myself in a fantasy world (firmly entrenching my habit of escapism) and live there until I couldn't anymore. And the sadness never went away (nor will it, I've come to accept) but I didn't have to deal with it. The past three years I've constantly had to deal with it, because I didn't do anything else. I read fic all the time because it was on the computer and that meant I could be studying. I was/am constantly thinking about studying. Even when I'm not studying I have this impending sense of doom that I need to be learning new material. (College is a life killer.)

And I know that probably no one has read my tiny ode to books and all things literary, but I'm just so...happy. I'm actually tearing up a little. It's ridiculous. But there you go.

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I got mostly Bs on this report card, which sucks. I'm certain I'll still have my scholarship, but if not I'll have to take a short summer class.

I have an interview at Macy's on Tuesday, which *twirls finger* but a job is a job and I need one (so I can start paying off my massive vet bill and also save to buy a new back door).

I'm almost finished knitting my homosplosion scarf (it's a rainbow!), and I think today I'm going to bake some Red Velvet Cupcakes. Just need to go buy some milk and cream cheese (and maybe more powdered sugar).

It's been a year, today, since Casey died, and about a month and a half since Arthur :( I still really miss them. It's still hard to look at pictures of orange kitties.

I started reading Neil Gaiman (and Terry Pratchet)'s Good Omens OMG HOW HAVE I NOT READ IT BEFORE WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING. Actually, I have a Tumblr post about it that I will cross-post in a few minutes...