May. 15th, 2011

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I got mostly Bs on this report card, which sucks. I'm certain I'll still have my scholarship, but if not I'll have to take a short summer class.

I have an interview at Macy's on Tuesday, which *twirls finger* but a job is a job and I need one (so I can start paying off my massive vet bill and also save to buy a new back door).

I'm almost finished knitting my homosplosion scarf (it's a rainbow!), and I think today I'm going to bake some Red Velvet Cupcakes. Just need to go buy some milk and cream cheese (and maybe more powdered sugar).

It's been a year, today, since Casey died, and about a month and a half since Arthur :( I still really miss them. It's still hard to look at pictures of orange kitties.

I started reading Neil Gaiman (and Terry Pratchet)'s Good Omens OMG HOW HAVE I NOT READ IT BEFORE WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING. Actually, I have a Tumblr post about it that I will cross-post in a few minutes...
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...books I've accumulated over the last three years [Cross-Posted from Tumblr]

One thing everyone needs to realize about college is that it is a LIFE EATER. I have not had time to sit down and read for THREE YEARS. THREE WHOLE YEARS. I used to read three books a week.

I never realized how much I missed it. Instead of reading fanfiction, where I know the characters and know that I should care about them, and they are just being shuffled from plot to plot to plot, I have new characters to learn about, and make decisions about and it's so damn amazing that I kind of want to cry and then beat myself to death for letting go of this.

For a long, long time books were all that kept me going. When I was sad I'd immerse myself in a fantasy world (firmly entrenching my habit of escapism) and live there until I couldn't anymore. And the sadness never went away (nor will it, I've come to accept) but I didn't have to deal with it. The past three years I've constantly had to deal with it, because I didn't do anything else. I read fic all the time because it was on the computer and that meant I could be studying. I was/am constantly thinking about studying. Even when I'm not studying I have this impending sense of doom that I need to be learning new material. (College is a life killer.)

And I know that probably no one has read my tiny ode to books and all things literary, but I'm just so...happy. I'm actually tearing up a little. It's ridiculous. But there you go.