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(I'm so sorry.)

This last week was terrible, to say the least. I had three tests (which is normal, though usually not Physiology and Biochemistry in the same week...) but what really made it stand out was 

1) my plumbing being completely busted, and
2) the fact that I may not be able to graduate next semester.

Let me start from the beginning, with point 2. 

When I registered for classes the summer before my first semester in college, I knew that I wanted to do Biology. I continued blithely on, thinking I had been registered for a Comprehensive degree, when in reality I was non-comprehensive. Which requires a minor. Cue my horror when I completed a degree audit the day before registering for my last semester of undergrad, and saw, in small print, oh, hey, you need to complete a minor.

Okay, I thought. I had been planning on getting a Biochemistry minor, anyway, no big deal. I'll just register for the lab and everything will be taken care of. WRONG. When I registered, the lab conflicted with another class I was taking - the lab ended right as the other class began. But that shouldn't be a real problem, because the lab is four hours long and labs almost never take the full amount of time. Also, the classes are in the same building. It totally would have been fine. So I emailed the lab professor asking him to let me in. He never responded (I mini!ranted about this last week...). I finally got his office hours (they, of course, weren't posted on his office) and met with him. He was really nice, and he let me into the lab! Yay, right? Hahah. No. The lab's time and date had been switched from one that fit (barely) into my schedule to one that interfered with two classes. So I can't take it. Which minor? Yeah, that's exactly what it means. And I couldn't switch into one of the comprehensive major options because most of those classes weren't offered, and I'd have had to take nine extra hours.

So I panicked. For about 5 hours, that's all I did (instead of studying for my tests, of course. Priorities.) But then I realized - one of the classes I was taking (that had a really odd schedule and took up a large chunk of time) I didn't need. I have more than enough upper-level BIO classes to fulfill my degree requirement. So I think I figured it out (I have to beg to be let into a small, full, Analytical Chemistry class, but I'll have a minor.) So...yay?

As for my plumbing. Nothing would drain. There was a clog in the main line. The washing machine drained into the tub. Any time a large load of water was dumped into the pipes (showering, washing clothes, washing dishes) the toilet wouldn't flush. And then last week it finally completely stopped working. And I couldn't afford a plumber to come fix it for me. But I'm 95% certain that I've fixed the problem (enzymes, man, they are magic) and the toilet is flushing and I can take a shower and wash my clothes and everything will be magic.

So yeah. My freak-out from yesterday was very closely tied with the fact that the last week has been even more Hellish than usual and I just really, really need a vacation. (I'm still upset.)

But, in other news. I got a 100% on my Psych test, and a 90% on my Biochem test! (No idea yet, on the Physiology...)
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