Dec. 24th, 2011

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My mom and step-dad wanted to come down for Christmas Eve and Christmas because my mom is working every single day surrounding the 24th and 25th, and I am working the 24th and 25th. So they thought they'd come down to visit me.

They invited themselves, of course, and I wasn't happy about it. It would have been a terrible situation. I wouldn't have been able to spend any time with them and would have felt guilty because they drove 200 miles to see me, and I would have been angry for having been put in the position where I felt compelled to entertain them (or else they would be noisy and wake me up while I was sleeping) and I wouldn't have gotten enough sleep to deal with the 100 dogs we'll have at work. They would have denigrated me constantly on how clean the house is, now matter how much I scrubbed it. It just would have been Bad.

I was finally able to convince them not to come by telling them my plumbing was broken again (and it was, worse than the first time (which it returned to yesterday) because the toilet didn't flush at all for nigh on two weeks) but then I got bitched at for not calling a plumber as if I could afford one.

But now, because of course I'm on my period over Christmas (so much pain - I've actually almost fallen over four times in the past hour due to cramps. Work is going to be so much fun tonight.), I'm feeling really lonely and it's awkward reading all my friend's posts about being with their families and how happy they are, or even how much they're fighting. This will be my first Christmas alone. My first holiday alone, actually. And I just want to spend it with my family, even though I think Christmas is a stupid holiday and just :( 

It's illogical and irrational. And I don't even mind working because I'll be rolling in money this month, which will make my life so much easier. It just sucks. 

I hate that I get lonely, it makes me feel dependent on people and that's never a good thing.

On another note: Jesus fuck, LiveJournal, what the hell did you do to your comment sections? How am I supposed to read kink memes now?


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