Nov. 21st, 2011

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Apparently we are all "required to technically work on Thanksgiving" and I bet Christmas is going to be the same.

God, I'm so upset that I'm in tears right now. I just want to have a vacation that lasts longer than a day and a handful of hours. I'm so tired all the time and I'm stressed. My hair is falling out in clumps because all I ever do is work and study and go to school. I'm losing more weight than I should be by just cutting out (most) caloried soda and I'm just so very, very tired.

My manager was all perky "at least you don't have to come back in until Saturday at 9!" My /normal/ schedule. Does she not understand that means I have to drive back Friday night or Saturday morning at the LATEST so that I can get enough sleep to get me through nine hours of janitorial work?

I just really hate my job sometimes. I can't tell them that I won't be there because what if they fire me? I need this job to (barely) survive. If they had just told me more than /four days beforehand/ that is be working an extra day I wouldn't be so pissed. But I made plans and now I'm going home for a day and a half and it's honestly not even worth the money it will cost.

The worst part is when you realize that this is all there is. You work until you can't anymore and then you die. Maybe you'll get really lucky and find a job that you don't loathe and that doesn't kill you slowly, but you probably won't. Let's not delude ourselves. You'll work every day just to make it by, and then you'll retire when you physically can't anymore, and that's all life is.

I'm sorry this is so angsty.


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