Nov. 14th, 2011

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But not saying anything because I am really really bad at talking to strangers and friends and family and oh god why communication why that would ruin my ~mysterious air~.

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Oh dear god just kill me. I have so much to learn, it would be hard even if I didn't have two other tests this week. Studying Psychology tonight because the test is tomorrow morning...maybe if I go to all the study sessions for Physiology, and study it during my 2 hour break on Thursday right before the exam, I can study Biochemistry everywhere else?

Maybe if I just study for the next four days and do nothing else I can manage it. If I don't eat (which I can't afford anyway) I won't have to go to the bathroom, and if I don't sleep then I have all that time at night, and if I kill myself then I won't have to take any exams at all...

Why do my teachers keep doing this to me?