Apr. 27th, 2011

sixgunsound: (six gun)

  1. My favorite band, ever, is Rush. I compare all other bands to them and find them lacking, even if I enjoy their music.
  2. I don’t like kids. I don’t even understand how people can like kids.
  3. I love books of all kinds, but I wouldn’t say that I have a favorite.
  4. It’s a running joke between me and my father that I find every single animal cute, even hideous ones like hagfish, but it’s pretty much true (except hagfish).
  5. I feel like I could be the kind of person to enter into an abusive relationship – not physically, I wouldn’t stand for being hit, but it wouldn’t be weird for me to be verbally abused because I’m so used to it I probably wouldn’t even notice.
  6. I confuse love with obsession. I honestly feel like I can understand the Winchester’s “erotically codependent” love for each other because that is how I feel for a few of my friends (they know who they are).
  7. I release some sort of pheromone or something that makes all animals love me (and by love me I mean stalk me).
  8. I love everything to do with grammar.
  9. I used to do long division in the car.
  10. When I was about 11-15 I carried around a huge bag that I filled with dictionaries. I used to carry an English dictionary the size of War and Peace around with me everywhere, along with a Latin dictionary, and a Spanish-English dictionary (when I took Spanish in high school).
  11. Now I carry a wallet in my back pocket and that’s it.
  12. Argyle is my most favorite textile design ever.
  13. I would probably kill for a cardigan. Especially if it was Argyle.
  14. I play Vampire Wars on Facebook and it depresses me, because it’s a really, really stupid game. But I’ve been playing for about two years now and I feel like if I stop I will have wasted those two years. Also it is my “oh shit my parents are looking at my computer” tab.
  15. I bought my own house when I was 18.
  16. I finished high school in 3 years.
  17. My mother’s nickname for me used to be “leech” because I loved hugs so much. Now I don’t let people touch me, or have friends who have more touch-issues than I do. I think I may be starved for physical affection.
  18. I am going to sell my eggs, if I can. I don’t want to get nothing out of 20 years of being a girl before I get the surgery to stop being one.
  19. I think an awesome tattoo would be to date my transition scars. I want to get a male chest reconstruction and my ovaries/uterus removed.
  20. I played the viola for 10 years, and I hope to pick it back up once college is over (play in a community college orchestra or something for fun) but I just don’t have time.
  21. I used to think I would never get an E-reader of any kind, but I just can’t deny the convenience of having something so small that carries thousands of books. I still love the feel/smell/sound of books, but they are kind of unwieldy.
  22. One of my cousins has recently started dressing kind of like me, and wants to get a piercing that I have, and I find it really flattering because I have practically nothing in common with my family.
  23. I can honestly say that I do not love my parents.
  24. I don’t tend to respect authority. Not because it’s authoritative, but because I don’t respect anyone who demands respect without showing me they’ve earned it.
  25. I have severe abandonment issues.
  26. Also jealousy issues.
  27. My feelings get really easily hurt by people I love, but everyone else who has a negative opinion of me can die in a fire for all I care.
  28. I am a biromatic asexual, but I think the more accurate orientation would be gay transman.
  29. I really love labels. I know that most people don’t, but I don’t feel comfortable not knowing myself. I like to pin everything down and give it a name, because then I feel closer to understanding it. I think it’s the scientist in me.
  30. I get extremely talkative when I’m drunk. I tend to think that people don’t care about what I have to say, so I rarely take the lead in social settings, but when I’m even slightly tipsy? It’s like my brain-to-mouth filter just disappears and I talk about whatever I want to. And you will let me or I’ll just get louder.
  31. I really hate hurting other people’s feelings.
  32. I carry my failures with me and constantly self-flagellate myself with them. I don’t know how to let them go, even though I’m pretty sure I’ve learned everything I can from them.
  33. The only thing I value about myself is my brain.
  34. My first word was “ball” but I’m pretty sure my parents made that up, because they don’t remember what it actually was. They also don’t know how old I was when I started walking.
  35. The only difference between platonic and romantic love, to me, is sexual attraction, so I fear I will never be in a romantic relationship, even though I desperately want one.
  36. I hate Disney. I think I’ve finally figured out why – I never watched the movies when I was a kid so now I only see their flaws instead of coming at them with an emotional perspective.
  37. I judge my self-worth by how well I can help my friends.
  38. All of my good friends are pretty broken.
  39. I equate cuddles and pasta-feeding with sex. If you see me say that I wish to feed someone pasta and cuddle them, know that I feel about them how most people feel about their lust-objects.
  40. I think I look crazy when I smile. It’s something about my wonky eye.
  41. I’m pretty hardcore into BDSM. I’ve never actually participated (yet), but in fics? OMG. It’s pretty much THE hottest thing ever to me.
  42. I have never had an orgasm. Touching myself feels very uncomfortable and I don’t like it at all. Luckily, I never really experience arousal (I don’t think?) so it’s not exactly an issue. Even if I would love to orgasm FOR SCIENCE.
  43. I have scoliosis, kyphosis, and lordosis. Basically, my spine looks like a bent S. I am very hunchbacked and my pelvis tilts oddly, so I’m in constant pain.
  44. I also have fibromyalgia and chronic migraines.
  45. I am very knock-kneed.
  46. You know the running fandom joke, “But dad! That’s just how my voluptuous lips go!!”? Yeah. My lips do the exact same thing. I inherited the habit from my dad, and I make “ducklips” almost constantly.
  47. I am a Libertarian. But I find most of the Libertarian candidates are crazy, and so I don’t often vote for them.
  48. I am extremely disillusioned by the United States’ political system, and I’ve only been voting for two years.
  49. I am pretty heavily anti-religion.
  50. I sang the National Anthem twice on the intercom in Elementary school.
  51. I would love to sing a song for Tumblr, but I don’t like to promote myself.
  52. I hate country music and rap. I’m not that fond of jazz, but I mostly just hate jazz singing – instrumental jazz is cool.
  53. The movie “School of Rock” completely changed my life. It wasn’t until that movie that I started listening to Rock music. I saw it with my dad, and right after we went to Borders and he bought me the Rush album 2112. I haven’t been the same since.
  54. I tend to lead a completely emotionless life. I’m not really affected by anything, and if something does affect me, it doesn’t tend to last very long.
  55. I find redheaded women extremely attractive, but I’m not crazy about redheaded men.
  56. I bleached my hair just to fulfill my lifelong dream of being Spike from BtVS. Also so I could dress as Draco Malfoy for the Harry Potter 7.1 premiere.
  57. My first slash pairing was Harry/Sirius. It’s where I met my wife.
  58. I lead a Coca-Cola appreciation life. I really do not like Pepsi.
  59. I don’t enjoy horror films. The jump scenes stay with me for days, at least. I can read horror novels with no problems, though.
  60. I can climb trees with no problem, but looking over stair banisters makes me panic.
  61. Bread is my most favorite food ever. I love all kinds. My mom thinks I’m allergic to gluten (because she’s crazy) and if that were true, I would eat bread until I died and feel no regret.
  62. One of my life goals is to own a nice three piece suit.
  63. I also want to own an Impala before I’m 30, because I always see really nice, older cars driven by old men and I want to be awesome before I’m old.
  64. I don’t really plan on living past 60. But I’ll probably settle for 70.
  65. I’ve been a vegetarian for about five years, but I’d been planning on becoming a vegetarian since I was about 10. I waited because I didn’t trust myself to get enough protein to continue my mental development. I think PETA is crazy, though.
  66. Looking back on it, there were a LOT of clues that I was transgendered when I was younger.
  67. I have a phone phobia. The idea of calling people usually gives me panic attacks.
  68. I haven’t been to a doctor in four years.
  69. In my Junior year of high school (my last year) I had a migraine that lasted three months straight. That was the only time that I actually plannedsuicide, instead of just generally wishing for death.
  70. I never liked Ron.
  71. I don’t like kids, but people who are genuinely pleased about being parents make me extremely happy.
  72. I used to eat dirt when I was younger.
  73. I find breasts really, really unattractive.
  74. I love tattoos and piercings, and if I had money and a job that would not mind me becoming a walking piece of awesome, I would poke so many holes in myself/cover myself in so many pretty pictures.
  75. I ship pairings in specific configurations. Whoever I place on the bottom is the person I identify with more. I know that switching is more realistic, but I don’t read fic for realism.
  76. I really wish I could draw or paint or do something artistic other than music, but I am absolutely terrible.
  77. I can make fantastic stick figures though.
  78. I loved swimming when I was younger; I used to throw quarters on the bottom of the neighborhood pool (because they were much harder to see than pennies) and then dive and get them. But now I’m so blind that I can’t see my hand in front of my face so I can’t play that game anymore and swimming just to swim isn’t as fun.
  79. I really only ship slash pairings. There are het pairings that I don’t mind happening, but I don’t read them or look at graphics or whatever for them.
  80. I love to put lima beans in applesauce.
  81. I absolutely HATE people chewing with their mouth open/hearing people making noises with their mouths.
  82. I seem to have a ridiculously high alcohol tolerance.
  83. I smoked pot once, but it was shit pot and it was rolled so poorly that I accidentally ate some. I was extremely drunk at the time.
  84. Sometimes I feel that I’m not good at science, because the science courses at my university can be taught poorly, but then I rock at my labs and feel justified in my life choices.
  85. I love parenthetical phrases. I’m not entirely certain why.
  86. Whenever I am hungry, I usually crave one specific thing (generally tacos). Even if I’m starving to death, all food other than what I’m craving sounds disgusting.
  87. I love to sleep during thunderstorms. I find rain and thunder extremely soothing.
  88. Plants hate me. I kill all plants – even bamboo, which is supposed to be practically impossible to kill.
  89. To that effect – I kill fish, too.
  90. I only like to write with mechanical pencils. Wooden pencils hurt my fingers.
  91. My handwriting is terrible. It’s an odd mixture of print and cursive and bizarreness.
  92. My signature never ever looks the same.
  93. I love guns. I am hoping to get one once I’m 21. (And then I will take a picture of me wearing it in a thigh holster and I will attract all the bitches.)
  94. When I was little, my mom had a jeweler that she went to all the time (I don’t remember why…) but he used to give me jewels. I have two pink gems and a purple gem.
  95. I want to learn how to swordfight.
  96. I am obsessed with medieval history.
  97. I really want to learn to play guitar.
  98. I don’t like flaunting my love of baking and knitting in front of my mother, because she calls me a domestic goddess and that threatens my masculinity. I feel bad for hating it, but I can’t help it.
  99. I don’t like threesome fic, and I really can’t understand polyamory. I love so intensely, that I’m pretty sure loving more than one person at a time, in a romantic setting, would kill me. But I try not to judge people who are polyamorous, because I don’t want to be the person who judges what they don’t understand.
  100. I am pretty fantastic at pretending to be normal. I just tend not to, because I'm not a big fan of lying.
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Roommate and I decided to donate plasma a few weeks ago, because we are poor, and we would be paid for that. So, we made an appointment for our physicals today, to see if we would be able to donate.

We got to BioLife 15 minutes early for my appointment (hers was 15 minutes after mine) because that’s how I roll. We stood at the front desk for a good five minutes because everyone was busy (except not…) and then they took our drivers licenses and social security cards and such. They gave us a huge binder of legal stuff to look over, and sent us to their waiting room.

We sat there for a good thirty minutes before someone came to help us. A nurse came over, told us she would be our nurse, and started talking to us. But before she actually said anything, she said, “I’m going to switch sides [and have my back face the rest of the room] and say something.” She told us we had an ~odor problem~, and that she didn’t want us to be lying on beds with six other people while we smelled. She even asked us if we could smell it, and gave us a “don’t make problems” look when we honestly said “no”.

The problem? Our boots did not smell. We got pinged as lesbians and were “kindly” asked to leave - in a manner that was offensive enough that we would not go back.

But you better fucking believe I’m going back. I’m making an appointment right now, I’m going to wear the same boots, and Alexandria and I are going to act the exact same way. And if they have another problem? I am writing the nastiest letter ever. I mean, I can understand the stigma against gay men, I don’t agree with it, but I can understand it. But there was not a single thing in their documents (which did say no gay men allowed) about lesbians. 

After having gotten over the absolute bizarreness of the occurrence, I am now just pissed. 

This is the first time I’ve ever been openly discriminated against, and I’m not really sure how to deal with it…